Recycling Interactive Notebooks

We wrapped up our recycling section in our interactive notebooks last week.  They have been working so hard on these.  We are going to share them with their big buddies soon.  I want them to be able to use them to teach others about what they have learned.

Vocabulary Development

First we worked on some some vocabulary pages that reinforced what it means to recycle, reuse and reduce.



We spent one morning sorting various recyclable materials along with cutting out pictures from grocery ads.  My kiddoes love to cut things up, so this was a perfect activity for them.


After we did this sort, we kept some of the pictures for their sorting page in their notebook.  They were either able to use pictures for each category or for some of them I had real items.  For metal, I cut up pieces of foil to glue on.  They could cut up plastic bags for the plastic category.  This was a great assessment piece.  I was able to see who understood what was recyclable.


We also learned about the fourth R, rot.  We went to a worm farm and learned why worms are an important part of our world.  I made some pages for their worm studies.  If you want to read more about the Earth Day/recycling interactive notebook pack, click below.


For more resources on recycling or worms, check these out:



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