6 Ways to Use Pencil Pouches In the Classroom

I must admit that I have an obsession with pencil pouches.  I counted them one day (well, I made my son do it because he was “bored”), I have 132.  That is kind of lot.  I stock up during the back-to-school sales in August.  I’m kind of picky with them.  I like the canvas zip pouch with the clear pocket.  I like to be able to see what I have in them.  You may be wondering why I have 132 pencil pouches, well I use them for all sorts of things when it comes to organization!

Snazzy Supplies


One of the rewards in my classroom is using “snazzy” supplies for the day.  It is a pouch full of fancy pencils, crayons, highlighter, etc.  I always try to throw in some fun Disney pens or pencils too and the kids love that!

Puzzle Keepers


Puzzles are always a must-have in my classroom, but the boxes take up so much space.  The random pieces on the ground also drive me crazy!  So the way that I solve that problem is to write the same letter or number on the back of each puzzle piece.  I also either cut out the picture from the box of the finished puzzle or take a picture of the finished puzzle.  Next, I write the same letter or number as the pieces on the back of the picture and place them all into the pencil pouch.

Small Books


Our reading program comes with small phonics readers.  I like to send these home along with A to Z readers for extra practice.  These pouches work great for transporting these books home and back.

Math Supplies


My students go to math tubs with a partner everyday.  Pencil pouches work great to put all of the manipulatives and small supplies into.  It helps keep the pieces together and teaches them organization.  At the end of their tub work, they are required to put their supplies back into the pouch.  We practice this a lot in the beginning of the year!

Teacher Sort Supplies


I have a lot of sorts and pieces I use with my reading groups.  Most of my supplies are organized by sound.  Keeping all of the supplies from each sound makes for easy access.  Since we learn many sounds, I keep all of these pouches in a drawer.

Teacher Emergency Kit


I also keep a pouch in my teacher desk drawer with emergency supplies (deodorant, dental floss, lotion, Shout wipes and chocolate!).

There you have it!  Some ways to use those pencil pouches in the classroom.  Do you use them in any unique ways in your classroom?  I would love to hear your ideas.



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