Earth Day and Recycling Resource Round-Up

Earth Day is just around the corner.  The idea of stewardship and taking care of our natural resources is one of the most important things we need to teach our students about. We learn about and practice recycling all year, but giving a little extra attention to this topic this month is always nice.  Here are some Earth Day and recycling resources you may find helpful in your classroom.

Earth Day and Recycling Books

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We have a lot of books on recycling in our classroom library, but these are some of my favorites!

earth day favorite books
  1.  The Lorax
  2. Michael Recycle
  3. The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle
  4. Why Should I Recycle?
  5. The Earth Book
  6. Earth Day: An Alphabet Book
  7. I Can Save the Earth!
  8. Where Does the Garbage Go?
  9. The Wartville Wizard
  10. The Three R’s: Reuse , Reduce, Recycle!

Recycling Centers

I always love this time of year because my students are pretty independent with their math and literacy centers.  I can put review activities in the tubs and they love them!

We also do a lot of writing this time of year, so this Earth Day and Recycling word list is available as a resource in our literacy centers.

Earth and Recycling words sq image

We will also add to our interactive notebooks.  You can read more about our recycling pages here.

Earth Day Promise Freebie

I made this freebie a few years ago that my kids like to do.  If you haven’t grabbed it yet, click below.

earth day promise freebie

Earth Day Promise Freebie

I have a Pinterest board of Earth Day Resources that has a growing group of fun and engaging activities if you need some more inspiration!

Follow The Teacher Bag’s board Earth Day Resources on Pinterest.

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