Mad About Basketball!

Okay, so I am mad because my bracket was ruined after the first round this year!  But the real reason for this post is I love basketball and try to incorporate sports into my classroom whenever possible.  It is a great buy in for my students, especially my hard to reach boys.

During this mad month of March, I like to read this great story about Michael Jordan.  It is a great story and has a wonderful message.


I also made a basketball math center freebie a few years back.  It is in need of a facelift, but it still does the job!  Click below to grab your freebie.


This time of year is when my students really begin to blossom with their reading.  For my sportsy kids, I pull out some sports-related reading passages for them as well.  They think these are a “slam dunk.”

Sports Close Read

So that’s it for today!  I will continue to sulk over my bracket, but will still enjoy watching some good basketball.

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