Writing Animal Reports in the Primary Grades


Kids love animals! Writing animal reports is such a motivating way to practice informational writing in kindergarten and 1st-grade. You may be thinking, aren’t they too young for that? No, with guidance, they can write amazing animal reports!

writing animal research reports


First, you have to begin with the research. Before we begin our animal research reports, we learn about the different animal classifications.

animal posters

My experience with research in kindergarten and 1st-grade students is they need scaffolding. You can’t just give them a resource to look over and then expect them to automatically know what information they need for their writing.

This is where icons can come in handy. I have had a lot of success using pictures or icons to help structure activities in my classroom.

animal posters

After my students have been exposed to various kinds of animals, they pick an animal to research. I give them an animal information page about their animal to reference. I point out the icons on the page; classification, habitat, diet, and interesting facts. Some of them need help reading the information, but the icons help guide them in filling out a graphic organizer.

Making a Book

After they have gathered information about their animal, they get to make their own informational book about their animal. I give them two options; a foldable book or a blank square book from Target. Most choose the square book. I have templates for them to write and illustrate each page. After they have their writing done, they cut out the pages and glue them into their book.

animal research foldable books

Writing animal reports can be fun! Primary grade students can be successful at it when you scaffold the process. Are you ready to try it?

You can grab a few animals in a free download below.

If you are interested in any of these animal research report resources, check them out below.

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