Animal Classification Interactive Notebook

This is an interactive notebook pack for your animal classification activities. It can be used on its own with any notebook, or used with the Note It! Starter Kit



This pack included the following:

  • Vocabulary flap pages-with the words: classification, adaptation,
    exoskeleton, endoskeleton, vertebrate, invertebrate, warm-blooded,
    cold-blooded (or an option with the words endothermic/exothermic)
  • Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates- flap pages (2 choices)
  • Animal characteristic flap pages- body temperature, how do they
    breathe, how are they born and what covers their body (amphibians,
    birds, fish, mammals and reptiles)
  • Can Have Are flap pages (amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and
  • Facts flap pages- (amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles)
  • Animal sort pockets
  • Venn diagram flap pages
  • Animal coverings flap page

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