Favorite Community Helper Books

Learning about community helpers is always engaging for my kindergarteners. There are so many great community helper books you can read to your class. My students are always so excited to read and learn about careers people have. It’s also a great way to show kids that they can grow up and have a community helper job.

Community Helper Books

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Community Helper Books

These are some of the community helper books I like to use that read when learning about careers. They are great for an introduction or overview of community helpers. I will go into my favorites with specific community helpers in a different post.

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do is a class favorite. I always read this one first. Each page has a clothesline with a uniform hanging to dry. Students have to guess the job from the hanging clothes. Your students will have fun with this one!

Whose Hat is This? by Sharon Cooper is part of a series of community helper books. Your students will love guessing the community helper that goes with the hat on each page. My students love making predictions with this book.

Whose Tools Are These? by Sharon Cooper is a book about the tools that community helpers use. This is a fun time to introduce tools that you use in the classroom to get a job done.

Whose Vehicle is This? is another community helper book by Sharon Cooper. This book focuses on the vehicles used by community helpers in your neighborhood.

Helpers in My Community by Bobby Kalman is another great book for an introduction to community helpers. There is a great introduction to what a community is. I also like that there is information about helpers in a school community.

I am always a fan of the National Geographic books. Helpers in Your Neighborhood by Shira Evans is another book with a variety of community helpers. I like this book because it has nonfiction text features throughout the book that you can point out. It is a good intro book to nonfiction text.

What are some of your favorite community helper books that you like to read-aloud in your classroom?

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