The Brown ‘E’ Trick

April Fool’s Day is around the corner, and I love a fun trick! This one gets my students every year. It’s called the brown ‘e’ trick. I found this on Pinterest years ago and have pulled it off successfully for over five years now. My previous students never spill the beans!

brown e trick blog header

So what exactly is the brown ‘e’ trick? First, begin the day telling your students that they will get to make brown ‘e’s later in the day. Your students will be giddy with excitement! Later in the day, when your students are out of the classroom begin set-up. Place a brown ‘e’ at each desk, along with some scissors. Before you let them back into the class, tell your students that all of the supplies are on their desk ready to go. 

Now just a warning, you may have students who give you the stink eye because they are not content with this type of brown ‘e’. Continue to instruct them on how to cut their brown ‘e’ out carefully, trying not to cut off any of the parts of their brown ‘e’.


Of course, I am not that mean and give in pretty quickly and tell them, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” I do bring in real brownie bites and give them one for their hard work. 

If you are interested in pulling off this trick in your class, you will jest need to copy letter E’s onto brown paper and pick up some brownie bites. You can grab a page with letter E’s here.

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