Find, Tally and Graph

Math in my classroom consists of half the class working at math tubs and the other half split between me and math journal practice or a parent station.  The math tubs always have a variety of activities that provide spiral review for my class.  One of their favorites are the find, tally and graph activities.

Each pack has a few different activities you can do.  Here is what is included:


I usually introduce this in the fall with the find and graph activity.  I either place the counting sheet in a plastic sleeve or I laminate them.  The students are then able to use a dry erase marker to cross off the pictures they have already counted.


As a class, we discuss which had the most? The Least?  Next we may work on the same pack of choose a different pack with a different picture collage.  I introduce the tally page next.  The tally part is always a review for the class.  The addition and subtraction part is always a challenge for a few, but they get a hang of it.


The last thing I introduce is the make your own math problem page.  I start out pairing my students up to make problems.  As a team, they challenge another team with their math problems they made.  They love this!  It is a great way to challenge those who need it.


I have made these for many themes because my students love them.  The set above is the Find, Tally and Graph Ocean set. I have put some of the sets into a Find, Tally and Graph binder for my early finishers.  They have the option to choose the theme they want.

Too see all of the Find, Tally and Graph sets available, click here.

Would you like to try one out?  Grab the birthday find, tally and graph freebie below.




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