Summer Bucket List For the Classroom

Happy almost summer!  Hopefully, you are enjoying this end-of-the-year time with your students. As summer approaches, one thing I like to do with my students is come up with a summer bucket list. We make one up for our family, so I think it is fun to do with my students as well.

Summer Bucket List

We have been making one for our house for years. It has morphed over the years as our son gets older, but the idea is the same.  Here is one we have done in the past.

summer bucket list

We print our list as a 16 X 20 poster from Costco and hang it up in our house.  There are always a few “write in your own” spots for those spur-of-the-moment ideas! Some of the things you might find on our list are:

  • bake cookies
  • swim
  • go to a museum
  • plant a garden
  • paint rocks
  • go on a bike ride
  • play with legos
  • and many more!

Bucket List for the Classroom

I thought it would be fun to make a summer bucket list for my students to complete in class. The topics are a little different, but they enjoyed brainstorming ideas together as a class. First, we came up with ideas as a class and wrote them on chart paper. Next, they filled out their summer bucket list.  After filling out the list, they partnered up and shared their list with their partner. I encouraged the students to hang them up in their bedrooms.  Maybe that would help encourage them to complete something from their list.  Click below to grab your freebie!

Slide1 5

Get This FREE Summer Bucket List

Do you make a bucket list with your students? If you are looking for more summer ideas, be sure to check out the posts below.

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  1. Michelle Piche says:

    Are you willing to share a free copy of your family bucket list?

    1. Renee Dooly says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore. When I got a new computer, it never got transferred. Sorry.

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