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Have you read The Good Egg by John Jory and Pete Oswald? If you have not, make it a priority to read it! This book is by the same author of The Bad Seed, and is hilarious. In addition to being funny, there is a great message that goes along with the book.

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The Good Egg

The book starts out with The Good Egg, who lives with 11 other eggs (The Bad Eggs) in a carton. He soon becomes annoyed with the other eggs because they are not as good as he is. The Good Egg follows all of the rules and makes it a point to be sure others follow the rules. Soon the Good Egg becomes annoyed with his friends and leaves the carton.

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The Good Egg wanders off and discovers things that he enjoys doing. He practices self-care! After a little self-discovery, he heads back to his carton to be with his friends, but this time with a new outlook on things!

This story is great for those students who tend to be the mother hens in your classroom. I feel like every school year, I have a student who falls into this category! The Good Egg encourages self-care and being able to try new things. One of my favorite things about this book is the illustrations. There are some really funny details in the pictures. And the author entertains you with fun egg puns.

Here is one of my favorite illustrations from the book:

open page of good egg book

Character Traits

After reading this story, we will be looking at the character traits that The Good Egg has at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Here is an anchor chart that we will be using to help guide us.

good egg character trait anchor chart

Finally, we will brainstorm ways we can practice self-care. I am so curious to see what types of things my first graders will come up with! What are some of your favorite self-care activities? One of my favorites is reading children’s books! Definitely check this book out if you haven’t already done so! 

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