Snowman Word Mapping Freebie

Word mapping is a great way for students to learn how to spell words. this thematic snowman word mapping freebie will be a big hit with your students this winter.

snowman word mapping

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Snowman Word Mapping

If you are new to word mapping, let me give you a brief overview. When approaching a word to spell, first have students say the word.

After they say the word, have them tap the word out. They can tap their finders, the desk, or their arm. This provides kinesthetic practice of counting the sounds in the word. After they have tapped and counted the sounds, I give my students snowflake erasers.

Students place one eraser on each snowman to represent each sound in the word. This is the map it portion of the paper.

snowman word mapping with snowflake erasers

The graph it part of the paper is where they write the letters that represent the sound for that portion of the word.

Finally, they write the word and then read it three times. After each time they read the word, they color in a snowflake.

I usually place these in plastic sleeves, so they can use a dry-erase marker and re-use the snowman word mapping paper.

If this is something you think you can use, fill out the form below to have this snowman word mapping emailed to you.

If you are looking for more word-building-type activities, be sure to check out our word-building kit.

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