Putting Together Fine Motor Activities Kits

Each year I have students who struggle with fine motor skills. I believe many kids these days are more into screen activities rather than building, crafting, and many other fine motor activities.  In the classroom, many teachers feel the pressure to focus on academics. Fine motor activities often get pushed aside. I decided to put together fine motor kids that will hopefully give my students the opportunity to build their fine motor muscles. 

fine motor activities

Fine Motor Activities

Before I went out and bought a bunch of items, I first looked to see what I already had. Most items I used were found in my house or classroom.  Here are some of the kit contents.

If you don’t have some or any of these items, you can find links to some of the items below.

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Fine Motor Kit Supplies

For the individual kits, I wanted something that I could store easily.  These photo storage kits work great.  There are 16 individual containers in the box, which makes for 16 fine motor kits. Each photo container has a clasp that students have to open, which helps build those fine motor muscles.


Many of the items below you can find at a craft store. But just in case you are not near one, here are some links to some of the supplies I used in my kits.


Pony Beads

Chenille Stems

Tongue Depressors

Velcro Dots

Snap Beads



Paper Clips

Rubber Bands


Hole Puncher

Crazy Scissors

Nuts and Bolts- raided my garage

Pom Poms

Each photo case (16 of them) has a different activity in them.  Students pull one out, take it to their desks and play with it. The great thing about “playing” with it is they are using their finger muscles.

Double Bonus!

Here is what they look like in their kits and how I organized them.

fine motor kits

What type of activities do you do in your classroom? I’m always looking for fresh ideas.

If you are wanting to learn more about what I put into my kits and how they are organized, check it out in my TPT store.

fine motor kits

I have also scoured Pinterest for some fine motor activities. Check them out below!

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Building Fine Motor Skills

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