Polar Bear Resources

Polar bears are a favorite topic in our classroom. Students are intrigued by these animals. We learn about many different polar animals, but spend a good portion of time focusing on polar bears.


During our unit, we learn about main idea and key details in text. We also begin our informational writing unit. Here are some books that we are going to use to help us learn about polar bears.

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polar bear books


Vocabulary is a big part of this unit.  This will help us with our writing and understanding of the text we read and listen to.
polar bear vocabulary cards

polar bear vocabulary book

I like to show real pictures of vocabulary words whenever I can.  I made some picture file cards to go along with our unit.  There is a picture on one side and the definition on the other.  These picture file cards are used to show what a word means and then place in a tub for students to look at on their own.

polar bear picture vocabulary cards

In addition to reading books, we will also look are some polar bear articles and watch some short videos about polar bears.

polar bear nonfiction articles

One of the things I love about the Next Generation Standards is the fact that the students are encouraged to use media to learn about the standards.  My students absolutely love it when I give them QR code videos to watch.  We have practiced how to listen for important details and write down those details as a class. I have them watch and listen to QR code videos during listen to reading time.

Polar bear QR codes attached to videos

Throughout our learning this week, we will have discussions about our findings with polar bears. I use discussion cards put together to help guide our conversations and writing ideas.

polar bear discussion cards

We use various graphic organizers to help organize our learning.

polar bear graphic organizers

One of the cool things we lean about polar bears is the size of their paws.  Did you know they are about 12 inches wide?  First, we read What if You Had Animal Feet?


Next, we measure 12 inches with measuring cubes and then cut out polar bear feet that are 12 inches wide.  I have tracers already made, but I have them measure first.  We add pads and write:

“If I had polar bear feet I would…”

It is very dramatic to walk into the classroom with 20 polar bear paws hanging around the classroom. They are large!

polar bear feet

If you are interested in this polar bear nonfiction pack you can click below.

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Polar Bear Resources


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