Let’s Talk Spinners – There’s an App for That!

I have a love/hate relationship with spinners.  They are fun for kids to use and it’s an easy way to change a game up, but I hate the arguing that can go along with them.  I always hear, “That wasn’t a fair spin.” or “Can I do that over?”  Do you ever hear that?  Well, this summer, I discovered a spinner app.  Yes!  You heard me right, a spinner app…genius.

Last piece spinner app

It’s an iPhone app called Last Piece.  If you search it on an iPad, it won’t come up, unless you switch the category to iPhone only apps.

Once you find it, download it, it’s free!  When you open that app, you will see a screen that looks like this.

last piece home screenshot

You will then touch the plus sign and enter your categories (you can have more than 4).  The one drawback I have learned is that the categories need to be short.  If they are too long, only a couple of the words show up.  So here are the categories as you enter them.


Once you enter your categories, hit finish and your spinner is made!  The students hit go to make it spin and stop to stop the spinning.  No more do-overs!!


A bonus with this app is that you can save your spinners.  Just click the three lines in the top left corner and save them.  I have gone through and made spinners, so I just pick the one I want and they are ready to spin away!


I hope this helps!  Do you know of any spinner apps?  I would love to hear of your must have apps.




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