How to Make Glue Sponges (tutorial)

Have you made the switch to glue sponges yet?  If you have not, go to the store right after you read this and get the supplies you need.  You will be so happy that you did.

Glue Sponge Turtorial

So let’s start off with the supplies that you will need:

  1. plastic containers- I use two sizes (square and sandwich size)
  2. white glue
  3. sponges (plain, no scour pads)

glue sponge supplies

First, you will need to fill the bottom of each container with glue.  Fill just to cover the bottom of the container.

glue sponges

Next, cut the sponges to fit the containers.  I use two sizes, small and large.  Each table group has two small ones in their table baskets to use.  I don’t use the large (sandwich) size ones very often, but they are nice to have when you have a large piece of paper to glue.  After you cut the sponges, get them wet and ring the water out of them so they are damp.  Please them into the containers with glue on the bottom.


After you have cut the sponges to fit and placed them into the containers, pour some more white glue on top.

glue sponges

Finally, place the lid onto the containers and let them sit overnight.  The glue will ooze into the sponges and they will be ready to use!


So first off, I am no expert on glue sponges.  I am just sharing what has worked for me.

1.  How do you use a glue sponge?

My students cut out the piece they need to glue.  They take that piece and rub it onto the sponge.  There is no need to take the sponge out of the container.  I have my kids practice with scraps of paper and they catch on right away.

2.  Is there upkeep with the glue sponges?

I “refill” my glue sponges about half way through the year.  What I mean by “refill” is I pour some more white glue onto the sponges and let them sit overnight.  If a sponge feels dry, I may squirt some water onto it with a squirt bottle.

3.  Do I use glue sticks at all?

Rarely!  I do use them for items that may be too tricky for a first grade to manipulate with a glue sponge.  If anything, I get kids tattle if someone tries to use a glue stick.  My students are strict glue enforces and it is considered breaking the law to them if you use a glue stick!

I think I have covered it!  Do you use glue sponges in your classroom?  Did I mss anything?  If you don’t use them, I sure hope you will try them out.


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