Top 7 Classroom Favorites

Last week I came to you with my favorite back-to-school items for the teacher.  Well, we all know we spend much of our waking day in the classroom.  It is our second home.  We have needs in order to be comfortable.  Today I am coming to you with my favorite items for the classroom.  They range from everyday tools to keeping my life organized.  Check them out!

favorite classroom supplies

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1.  Mr. Sketch Markers

My favorite markers when comes to making anchor charts or other things are Mr. Sketch smelly markers.  Even though I have smelled them a thousand times, you will still find me sneaking a sniff or two of my favorites (brown and light green).

mr. sketch

2.  Scotch Laminator

I like to laminate things that I know will be used over and over.  I don’t laminate everything, but when I do I turn to my trusty Scotch Laminator.  I have one at home and one at school.  I also have plenty of laminating pouches around!  You never know when you will feel the need to laminate!


3.  Sterilite Clip Top Storage Totes

Sterilite Clip Boxes are my absolute favorite when it comes to organizing!  They come in many different sizes.  The ones pictured below are my favorite.  I store my themes, manipulatives and many other items in them.  The link above is to Amazon, but I often get them at Target.

clip boxes

I made some skinny labels to put on them this year.  I can’t wait to get into my classroom and finish that organizing project.

skinny labels


4.  Ticonderoga Pencils

I am a pencil snob.  I make this confession to my parents at Back-to-School night.  I always appreciate donated supplies, but there are some supplies that are not created equally.  The “lesser” versions often create more headaches than what the discount may have been.  Ticonderoga pencils are where it’s at!



5. Pencil Sharpener

A classroom must have a good pencil sharpener!  I have had this X-Acto pencil sharpener for over five years now, and it still works!  I am pretty greedy when it comes to mine, one simple rule… Adults Only!  I keep two pencils baskets.  One that is always full of sharpened pencils, the other for broken or dull pencils.  There should never be a reason for a students to use the sharpener.

pencil sharpener

6.  Oil Pastels

I love to use oil pastels in the classroom.  The colors are so vibrant and they really make projects and out.  We don’t use them for everything, but I do use them often.  In my classroom, I have a class set of Pentel Oil Pastels and they have lasted for a few years now.  If you don’t use oil pastels with your class, you should give them a try.  You will love them!

oil pastels

7. Rolling Cart

I absolutely love my RASKOG rolling cart.  I bought mine at Ikea, which is two hours away but worth the drive.  I have it sitting by my teacher chair.  It holds dry-erase markers, pointers and all sorts of goodies.  It surprisingly holds a lot of stuff!

rolling cart

There you have it!  My favorites for the classroom.  Do you have favorites that are not on this list?  I would love to hear about them.

Be sure to check out my back-to-school favorites for the teacher.  We need to be spoiled too!  I will be back this weekend with my favorite resources for back-to-school.

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