Statue of Liberty Paintings

Happy Thursday!  It’s almost the end of the week and I am ready for the weekend.  I get to have family time and that is my all-time favorite.  The last few weeks we have been working on our American symbols unit.  I absolutely love this unit.  We usually teach it in February to tie in with President’s Day, but with the elections we changed it to October (leading up to the elections).  I have got to say, I prefer February with this unit.  These little first graders are much more capable with their writing in February rather than October.  Oh well, the art part of the unit is still cute.  These are some of our Statue of Liberty directed draws we did.  They are all so unique!



Well, I’m ready to check some more off my to-do list but first I will leave you with one last picture.  I took yesterday morning off to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with my son’s preschool.  It was very muddy, but we still have a blast.  Here’s the proof:

20121024 DSC 0075
Have a great rest of your week!

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