Emergency Sub Plans – Are You Ready?

So here’s the scenario, you wake up sick and the first thing on your mind is “oh {insert bad word} what am I going to do about sub plans?!”  When really, it should be “I need to have a relaxing day in bed resting.”  Have you had this happen to you?  I sure have, so today I am going to share how I set up my emergency sub plans.

Emergency Sub Plans

My daily schedule is different everyday of the week.   We are fortunate to have a lot of special classes each week, but the problem is they are not always at the same time everyday.  So what I have done is made up a generic set of sub plans for each day of the week.  I have a tub for each day of the week where I put my daily prep and activities for the day.  You can read more about that here.  In each daily tub, I have a sub folder for that day.


emergency-sub-plans1Inside of each folder, I write up the daily schedule for that specific day.  I also have our procedures, students info, and emergency info in each folder.

emergency-sub-plans3The pockets of the folder hold generic activities for the sub.  I usually put in some activities from my Print and Do packs and I also throw in a Weekly Reader that we subscribe to.  I try to go through once a trimester and change out the activities to reflect the skills or themes we are working on.

Simple and easy!  Now, if I know that I am going to be out, I leave plans that are much more detailed and specific to what we are learning about.  There are for those days when you wake up sick and are unable to get regular plans together.

organizing for emergency sub plans


What do you do for those emergency sub plan days?

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