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Have you ever come across a book that you just love? Miss Rumphius is that book for me! There are so many activities you can do with Miss Rumphius. This book has a great message, beautiful illustrations, and robust vocabulary. We usually spend a few days reading this story so we can do a deep dive while interactively reading through the text.

miss rumphius activities

Miss Rumphius Activities for the Classroom

Miss Rumphius is a book written by Barbara Cooney. This story is about a lady named Alice who strives to accomplish three things in her life; visit faraway places, live by the sea, and do something to make the world a better place.

Character Traits

This story is perfect for teaching character traits or adjectives that describe Miss Rumphius. What a great way to build vocabulary in your students! We construct an anchor chart with descriptive words.

rumphius anchor chart with adjectives

Then, we find evidence in the text to prove our choice of words.


Cause and Effect

Another great activity to do when reading Miss Rumphius is to find moments of cause and effect in the story. This can be tricky for young learners, so I often give either the cause or effect. Then, we work through finding evidence that shows the missing part.

miss rumphius book cause and effect worksheet

This book has so many extension possibilities! I like to read this book around Mother’s Day. My students make a card for someone they love in their family and we draw lupines on the front. You could even plant some lupine seeds and give them to a loved one!

If you are interested in any of these Miss Rumphius activities, be sure to check out the interactive read-aloud kit for Miss Rumphius.

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