7 Candy Heart Math Activities

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so that means store shelves are filled with candy hearts. These conversational hearts can be used in the classroom for learning fun! We use them in our class for a candy heart math day.

Candy Heart Math

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Candy Heart Math Activities

My class loves these candy heart math activities. I give my students a box of candy hearts to complete these math activities. When we are done, they can eat them. There are a few activities that we do where I just place a bowl of candy hearts out for them to use. I make sure they know that the bowl of candy hearts is not for eating.

Candy Heart Sorting

The first thing we do with our candy hearts is sort them by color. I give them a sorting mat to use for this activity. You can download this free sorting mat below.

candy heart math

Tally Marks

Once we have our candy sorted, we count each color and practice making tally marks.

candy heart math


We also use our candy hearts to create a graph. My students count the number of hearts of each color and then color the graph.

candy heart math

After graphing our results, we compare the results to see which color had the most and least.

candy heart math

Candy Heart Addition

In our kindergarten class, we are working on addition facts. Using candy hearts as manipulatives is a fun way to practice. I have my students write out a plus and equal sign on a piece of paper. As we work through each addition sentence, they model the problem with their candy.

candy heart math

Nonstandard Measurement

Candy hearts make fun tools to use for nonstandard measurement practice. First, we use our candy hearts from the box to measure pictures in our book. If they finish this, I invite them to measure items from our classroom that I have on a tray for them. They love this!

candy heart math

Candy Heart Stacking

Candy heart stacking is not an activity in our candy heart math book, but a class favorite! I challenge them to see how many candy hearts they can stack before their tower falls over.

candy heart math

Candy Heart Patterns

For this activity, I place a bowl of candy hearts at a station. The small boxes of candy don’t usually contain enough candy hearts to make patterns. I challenge my students to make patterns with candy hearts.

candy heart math

There are so many possibilities to incorporate math using candy hearts. If you are looking for more Valentine’s day math activities, check out this posts about 1st grade Valentine-themed math activities.

If you are interested in this candy heart math activity book, check it out below.

Download the candy heart sorting mat freebie here.

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