1st Grade Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers

February, the month of hearts, chocolate, and cupid! My class loves when a new month comes along and the theme of our activities change. Our 1st grade Valentine’s Day literacy centers are always a big hit.

1st Grade Valentine's Day Literacy Centers

1st Grade Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers

The February literacy centers we use this month have a Valentine’s Day theme. They are engaging and a fun way to review the literacy skills we are working on in our class.

Syllable Sort

We practice syllables often in our class. This syllable sort center requires students to sort the pictures to the correct number of syllables in the word. On the recording sheet, students color the number of hearts to match the number of syllables.

1st February syllable sort center

Ending Digraph Sort

The cupid ending digraph (ch, sh, th) sort is a way to practice hearing the digraph sound at the end of words. Students sort the hearts according to the digraph they hear at the end of each word. They match the hearts to the correct cupid digraph. There is a cut and glue worksheet for reinforcement.

Valentine's Day Ending Digraph sort

Sentence Scramble

Sentence scrambles are a great way to practice word order in sentences. Students need to figure out the correct word order for each sentence. These sentence scramble cards do not have punctuation or the beginning word capitalized, adding a challenging element to this center. On the recording sheet, students write the sentence correctly.

1st Valentine's Day sentence scramble

L-blends Sort

Blends can be tricky for my students. The flower l-blends sort gives them practice sorting words with l-blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl) in the beginning.

1st Valentine's Day l-blend sort

Sounds of -ed Sort

When words end in -ed, it can be tricky for students. This center has students sorting letters according to the sound they hear at the end of each word.

1st Valentine's Day sounds of -ed sort

Punctuation Sort

My students can always practice punctuation at the end of sentences. This center requires students to read sentences and match the correct punctuation, period, or question mark. The optional recording sheet has them write one telling sentence and one asking sentence from their matches.

1st Valentine's Day punctuation sort

Contractions Match

This center has students sorting two words that make up a contraction. My students live the donut theme! There is a recording sheet for students to write the contraction.

1st Valentine's Day contraction match

ABC Order

Putting words in alphabetic order is a great way to show an understanding of the alphabet. Students love the Valentine-themed words.

1st Valentine's Day ABC order

Your students will love Valentine’s Day-themed literacy activities! They are great for reviewing literacy concepts. Each activity includes a kid-friendly task card that shows how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these 1st-grade Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers, check them out below.

1st February Literacy Centers previewpics

Be sure to check out this Valentine’s Day round-up post for more ideas.

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