Valentine’s Day Math Centers for Kindergarten

One of my favorite ways to keep my kindergarten students engaged during our math block is through the use of centers. In February, I like to incorporate these Valentine’s Day math centers for kindergarten.

Valentine's Day Math Centers for Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day Math Centers for Kindergarten

These Valentine’s Day math centers for kindergarten are easy to prep and place in a center. Optional recording sheets are included to give paper and pencil practice. My students love using these February math centers to practice teen numbers, number sequencing, counting, addition, subtraction, and more!

Find and Count

In kindergarten, we practice one-to-one correspondence and counting all year long. This find and count activity is always a favorite math center! Students count the number of each item on the Valentine’s Day-themed collage sheet. I laminate them and have my kindergarten students cross off the pictures with a dry-erase marker after they count the item. On the recording sheet, they write which item had the most and the least.

Valentine's day find and count

Before and After

One of the math skills we review in February is sequencing numbers. Students are learning to identify the numbers that come before and after a given number. To practice this, students write the missing numbers with a dry erase marker. I provide heart mini erasers for counters if they need differentiation. My kids LOVE using the mini erasers in these math centers!

February K math before and after

Monster Teen Numbers

Monster teen numbers has students counting hearts and writing the teen number on the recording sheet.

February K teen numbers

Lovely Addition

In this addition center, students match the equation with the picture representation and the correct sum.

February K addition


This Valentine’s Day subtraction center provides a visual for students to match with the correct equation. On the recording sheet, students write the answer.

February K subtraction

Candy Heart Counting

My kindergarten students can always use practice counting items, especially when they are not placed evenly in a row for counting. With this center, students count the candy hearts and match the card to the correct number.

February K candy heart counting

Cupid Place Value Match

Teen numbers are such a tricky concept for some kindergartners. This cupid place value match helps students visualize and practice counting tens and ones. When I watch my students do this activity, I like to see if they understand counting the ten as a ten or if they count each block individually. On the recording sheet, they write the teen number.

February K place value

2D Shapes

This sweet 2D shapes matching center gives students practice with matching real items with common two-dimensional shapes.

February K 2D shapes

My kindergarten students love using these Valentine’s Day-themed math activities in February! They are great for practicing and reviewing math concepts we have been working on in class. Each center includes kid-friendly task cards that show how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these Valentine’s Day math centers for kindergarten as much as mine do, learn more below.

Valentine's Day Kindergarten math centers

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