50th Day of School Preview

Okay, I must tell you that I am so excited for the 50th day of school (well, in our case the 51st day).  We have a common core training the 50th day, so we are going to celebrate the 50th on the 51st day of school.  One of the first things I am super excited about is this:

IMG 1297

I love it and it is great quality!  I found in at Hip Hop 50’s Shop, they have lots of colors to choose from (I don’t get any perks from then, I am just truly excited).

One of the activities we are planning is comparing life today with the 1950’s.  I plan to have my kids write about it and make a jukebox.

IMG 1257IMG 1258
Our music teacher is going to teach them the hand jive from Grease and the Twist, they will love it!  I also plan to have a bubble gum blowing contest and of course my favorite, root beer floats!  Here is a sneak peak of these activities.
For math, we will do some Tootsie Roll measuring, graphing and a few other things that I am still working out.
IMG 118850'S+FTG+cover
So excited!!  If you are interested in these activities and much more, click below.
I’ll post pictures after we are done.  Do you celebrate the 50th day?  What activities do you do?


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