October Math Centers for 1st Grade

Halloween is such a fun time of year. There are so many fun, thematic ways to reinforce math skills in your classroom. These 1st-grade October math centers are perfect for independent practice, or small groups. Be sure to check out our Halloween Resource round-up for even more ideas.

October Math Centers 1st Grade Collage

October Math Centers

Here are some of the Halloween math center activities that we use during our math block.

Candy Fact Families

Fact families are a great way to practice addition and subtraction fact fluency with your students. We practice them all the time! In this Halloween-themed math center, students match the candy with the pumpkin candy baskets.

fact family worksheet and center cards

Number Order

This spooky number order gives students a way to practice ordering numbers from least to greatest, and greatest to least.

Halloween number order worksheet

Witch’s Brew Part-Part-Whole

If you are working on part-part-whole with your class, they will love this witch’s brew math center.

Halloween math worksheet

Spooky Equation Sort

Addition and Subtraction fact fluency can be a struggle for some kids. This spooky equation sort gives them practice looking at equations and sorting them to the correct answer. For those students who need a challenge, add a sand timer to the station.

Halloween equation sort worksheet

Candy Corn Nonstandard Measurement

Have you ever wondered how many candy corns long an item is? Probably not, but your students will love to practice nonstandard measuring with candy corns. We place real candy corns in our center, but you can also you a candy corn ruler.

halloween pictures with candy corn measuring them

Missing Addends

Missing addends can be tricky for some kids. This center is a great follow-up to the Witch’s Brew part-part-whole center that was shared earlier in the port

Halloween missing added worksheet

Halloween Find, Tally, Graph & Solve Activities

Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve activities are always a favorite with my students. We have them in our math centers all year long.

These 1st Grade October math activities should keep first graders engaged during the Halloween season! If you are interested in any of these math centers, be sure you check them out below.

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What are some of your go-to Halloween math activities?

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  1. Absolutely love it, the part part whole is my favorite – any chance to win it? –Rosy

  2. Love the ideas. Wish I had seen them sooner. Now that Halloween has come and gone and "turkey season" is upon us, I wonder if a Thanksgiving theme could be used?

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