The Best Counting Books for the Classroom

If you teach kindergarten, you know what it means when I say we practice counting a lot! We count out loud, we sing songs, we play games, and we read books! This post is a round-up of some of our favorite counting books that we read in our classroom.

collage of counting books

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Counting Books for the Kindergarten Classroom

Check out this round-up of favorite counting books we use in our kindergarten classroom.

Ten Black Dots

Ten Black Dots is a story I always read on the 10th day of school. It is simple, but creative. My students love to come up with their own pictures they can make with black dots. You can read more about the activities we do with this book here.

Chicka Chicka 123

Chicka Chicka 123 is a must-read during our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week. It’s the similar style of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, but with numbers.

One Fox: A Counting Thriller

One Fox is a fun counting book that is simple but is full of robust vocabulary. Your students will love guessing what happens in this book. It will be a favorite counting book in your classroom!

Counting Crocodiles

Counting Crocodiles by Judith Sierra is a silly book your students will love. In addition to counting, it is a rhyming book. My students always get a kick out of this book.

Ten Apples Up On Top

Ten Apples Up On Top is another silly book by Dr. Seuss. Many of my students know this book, but they love to imagine how many apples they could balance on their heads.

Anno’s Counting Book

Anno’s Counting Book is one of my favorites to read to my class. On each page, there is a number and you count sets of items on each page. This is a great book to use when you are teaching about sets.

Those are some of our favorites counting books that we read in our kindergarten classroom. Do you have any favorites that are not on this list?

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