November Math Centers Your 1st Graders Will Love!

November is one of my favorite months of the year, the weather is changing, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and my students are getting into the groove of things. Our November math centers are filled with fun activities that review various math concepts.


November Math Centers

Our math centers in November consist of fall-themed activities. Here is a sneak peek of what we have in our math tubs.

Feast Fact Families

Addition and subtraction fact fluency is something we practice all year long. Fact families are a great way to practice the relationship between numbers.


Pumpkin Pie Nonstandard Measurement

My students always love nonstandard measurement activities. This activity has a pumpkin pie ruler that students use to measure each item. You could also use mini erasers if you have them.


Missing Numbers

In the missing numbers centers, students fill in the missing number. This is a great way to practice number sense.



Another way to practice number relationships is part-part-whole activities. In this activity, students match the missing number to make it true.


Missing Number Squares

Missing Number squares is a math activity that reinforces the understanding of 1 less, 1 more, 10 less, and 10 more.


Equation Sort

Another way I have my students practice fact fluency is with this equation sort activity. Students solve the equations and sort them into the correct category. This one is always a big hit wit my students who love sports!


Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve

Find, tally, graph, and solve activities are always a favorite with my students. We have them for so many themes and they never get old.

There are three options, the first is to count the objects and graph them. The second is to count the objects, tally them, and then use the results to solve the pictograph equations. And as a challenge, there is a make-your-own-equation activity.

Would you like to try this Thanksgiving Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve out with your students? Fill out the form below to get this free math center emailed to you.

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If you are interested in the rest of these November 1st-grade math centers, you can find them below.

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