Swat! A Fly Swatter Game for the Classroom

I am always looking for new ways to practice high-frequency words. They can really be challenging for some kids to learn. We have many hands-on ways to practice sight words individually in our centers each week, but sometimes I like to change it up in my small groups. That is when a fly swatter can come in handy. This sight word fly swatter game is fun and you can grab it below for free.


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SWAT! Fly Swatter Game

A few years back when I was at a conference, I found small fly swatters in the vendor room. I bought them and started playing fly swatter games with my class. My class loves them! Now you can find so many fun-shaped fly swatters.


Really, anytime a kid can swat something is a highlight in their day!

All you need to do is add high-frequency words, letters of the alphabet, or even math facts to your fly cards. I laminate mine first. Then, I use a dry-erase marker to write on the fly cards. The freebie below is editable, so you can type in what you wish.


Spread the fly cards out onto a table and say, “Swat the fly with the word _______________.” The first person to swat the correct fly gets the fly. The person with the most flies collected is the winner!

The great thing about this fly swatter game is that you can use this game with other topics. You could write letters on the fly cards, asking them to find the fly that makes the _______ sound.

Do you have fly swatters in your classroom that you use?

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