Fletcher and the Falling Leaves {A Book Talk}

When the days start getting shorter and the weather begins to cool, the leaves begin to fall. I love this time of year. There are so many fun fall books to read this time of year. A fun book that my students always love is Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson. There are some great activities you can do in your classroom with this book.

Fletcher and the falling leaves title picture

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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

In this story, a young fox named Fletcher becomes very concerned when his favorite tree begins to lose its leaves. He doesn’t understand why. His mother tells him not to worry, it’s only Autumn. Fletcher is still concerned and tries to tie them back onto the tree, with no luck. Fletcher is very disappointed. In the end, he discovers something magical that can happen to trees as the weather cools in the winter.

Fletcher and the falling leaves book on a table

The last page is sparkly, which is always a hit with students!

Fletcher and the Falling leaves book open on table

Cause and Effect

One of the skills I like to teach when I read Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is cause and effect. There are many parts in the story that can be used to demonstrate cause and effect.

Here is an anchor chart we made that showed what cause and effect is. From this anchor chart, we were able to show evidence in the story of cause and effect..

cause and effect anchor chart

After we have worked on this as a class, students record cause and effect on a recording sheet to demonstrate understanding.

Fletcher book with cause and effect paper on a table

You can find more activities for this story, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Interactive Read-Aloud Kit.


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