Summer Reads For Teachers 2019 Edition

I am in full summer mode right now. In fact, this summer reads edition is coming to you later than normal because I have been taking time for me! But, I do want to be able to pass along some titles of what I plan to read (or have already read) this summer. Summer is a great time for us teachers to read for pleasure and professionally.

Summer Reads 2019 1

Pleasure Books

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During the school year, I rarely read pleasure books (or just for fun books). I should, but life gets in the way and I always feel like my time can be spent doing other things. I really wish I was better at it! The first book on my list Where the Crawdads Sing, I actually read on my first day of break! It was that good.


The other three books that I hope to read this summer are The Nightingale, Kitchen House, Beartown and Lilac Girls. I may add to this list, but this is a good start.



Professional Books

In addition to pleasure reads, I also try to read a new professional book or two. I also may skim through previous ones that I have read, just to refresh my memory about key points I got from the book. The first book I plan to read is Making Thinking Visible. I’m always looking for ways to engage students. Hopefully, I can find some good ideas in here.


The second book I plant to read is From Striving to Thriving Writers. I’ve read the reading version of this book, so I’m excited to see how this one is. Writing instruction is an area where I feel like I can always use new ideas for.


What about you? What’s one your summer reading list? Share your reads using the hashtag #theteacherbagsummerreads with your ideas!


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