School Supply Procedures For the Beginning of the Year

New supplies at the beginning of the year can be so exciting, but having school supply procedures on how to use them is the key to successful use. I remember my first year teaching kindergarten I handed out the scissors and glue sticks, assuming they knew how to use them. I grew up with a mom who did all sorts of crafts with me. Not everyone has that same experience.

school supply procedures

School Supply Procedures

I have since learned the importance of explicit instruction of procedures. The first week of school, I dedicate time to making it fun to learn about classroom supplies!

Introducing the Tool or Supply

First, I like to start off by adding an element of suspense when introducing the tool or school supply. I pull out our mystery tool bag and my students are always very curious.

white bag with a mystery tool label

Each time I introduce a classroom supply, I start off by reading a riddle. I read one sentence at a time and take guesses from my class.

Of course, once I reveal the supply, I hear, “I knew that!”

dry erase marker and riddle

I let my students know they are going to become a specialist with each school supply over the next few days. I give each student a check-off list to keep track of the classroom supplies we learn about.

paper with school supply clipart

Classroom Supply Procedure Charts

After the classroom supply is introduced, we talk about what it is and how to use it. We do this together as a class because I want them to help me write out our procedures.

chart paper and titles

Model and Practice Using the Supplies

Once the procedures have been established, I model how to use the supply. I also show where that supply is stored. Some supplies are stored in their toolbox. Others are community supplies that we share, so we learn where they are store when not in use.

Sharing Our Specialist Status

After my students practice using each school supply, they receive a bracelet to wear home. They love these!

It is a great school-to-home connection piece. My students wear them home, and their family asks them to share what they have learned about using that specific school supply.

arm with paper bracelet

This has been a fun way to introduce supplies to my class. I hang the procedure chart around the classroom, so it is easy to revisit a procedure if needed.

Do you teach specific school supply procedures in your classroom? If you are interested in these activities that we do, you can find them in our School Supply Procedure Pack.

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