Vowel Team & Diphthong Word Puzzles

Are you looking for something fun to reinforce vowel teams and diphthongs?  These puzzle cards are a big hit in the classroom.  They can be used in word work tubs, early finishers or any other way that fits your program.

This set is also included in the Puzzle Bundle.



This is a set of puzzle cards (break-apart cards) for vowel team and diphthong words. There are a total of 57 puzzle cards. They are straight line puzzles which makes easy cutting.  The vowel team and diphthongs included are:

  • ai
  • ay
  • ee
  • ea
  • ie
  • -y
  • igh
  • oa
  • ow
  • oe
  • ew
  • oo (boot)
  • 00 (book)
  • au
  • aw
  • oi
  • ou
  • ow

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