Bats Nonfiction Resource


This is a comprehensive nonfiction unit on bats. This pack includes reading passages, graphic organizers, writing resources and many other goodies for your salmon studies.  For more information, check out the preview.



Here is what is included in this bats nonfiction unit:

  • Reading passages on:
    -All About Bats
    -Types of Bats
    -Threats to Bats
    -How Are Bats Helpful?
    -Vampire Bats
    -Flying Fox
    -What Do Bats Eat?
    -Bat Adaptations
    -Bat Anatomy
  • Picture files cards for some of the vocabulary words
  • Six videos attached to QR codes for your students to watch and
    record what they learn about bats. Recording sheets included.
  • Vocabulary word wall cards
  • Vocabulary word book
  • Vocabulary word detective page
  • Bat notes- gathering facts evidence from readings
  • Caption This! – writing captions related to a drawing
  • KWL charts
  • Main Idea and detail page
  • Can, have, are pages
  • Graphic organizers
  • Discussion cards that can be used for conversations or writing
  • Writing paper in various sizes

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