Let’s Celebrate with a Popcorn Party!

Welcome to day 1 of the 12 days of giving! If you have been following my blog, you may know that each December I offer 12 days of freebies. This year the theme is popcorn! Let’s start this celebration with a popcorn party.

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Popcorn Party

Today’s freebie is an incentive for earning a popcorn party in the classroom.  Each day or whenever you feel it is necessary, your students earn a letter. When put together, the letters spell ‘popcorn.’ Once your class has collected all the letters, throw a popcorn party for your class!

Or, collect the popcorn freebies over the next twelve days and have a popcorn immersion day!

cutout of popcorn container and popcorn letters with the letter p, o, and p

Print and cut out the freebie. Hang up each letter as your class earns them.

Tip: If you have a magnetic board, put magnetic tape on the back of each letter. This makes it easy to hang on a magnetic bulletin board and move around if necessary.

Grab your popcorn party freebie below.

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popcorn container with the letters p and o

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