Pizza Fractions (Freebie)

We have been learning about fractions in my class, and the kids always enjoy them.  We’ve learned about halves, thirds and fourths.  We’ve also learned about groups of things and how to make fractions with groups.  Well yesterday, I wanted to do an activity that could relate to a lifeskill we emphasize so much in first grade…sharing.  So we made pizza fractions, but we had to think a little bit.

*This is an extension to a lesson I found over at Ship Shape First Grade.

IMG 2019

We started by making pizzas.  I had them color a paper plate with a red crayon (we used oil pastels for brightness).  Next they used construction paper to make their cheese and toppings.  They had to divide their pizza into fourths.

IMG 2015
IMG 2014
IMG 2018
Once their pizza was made, we worked on describing what was on each fourth of their pizza.  The last thing they had to do was write about sharing some of their pizza. 
IMG 2021
The kids really had fun with this.  The write up about sharing their pizza really gave me an insight as to who understood and who needed some more practice.  Grab your recording sheet freebie below.
I hope you have a fabulous day!

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