Kindness Activities for the Classroom

Kindness…it’s kind of a big deal!  In this day and age, I feel like it is really a big deal.  We need to model it, teach it, and live it!  We are focusing on kindness for the whole year in my classroom. We do various kindness activities and read books that help my students make connections to kindness.  Have you read any of them?

Kindness Books

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kindness books

Kindness Activities

In addition to reading books, we practice kindness a lot!  I have some puppets that I like to use in my class for this.  I let my students come up and model with the puppets a way to be kind.  Many times I will give them a scenario and let them problem-solve a way to show kindness.  They often come up with some great ideas.

When I catch a student being kind, I give them a “caught being kind” bracelet.  They love these!  I have copied them onto various colored paper, to make it even more fun.  Sometimes, I will write on the back what I caught them doing.  This way when their parents ask them about it, they can remember.  The kindness bracelets are a freebie in my TPT Store.

caught being kind bracelet

30-Day Kindness Challenge

After we have practiced and brainstormed ways to be kind, we are pretty much experts! So I issue a 30-day kindness challenge to my students. 


Each student makes one of these kindness chains. The order in which the RAK’s are glued vary by each student, so each day students are completing different things. They absolutely love this! You can grab this Kindness chain below.


What are some ways you practice kindness in your classroom?

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