Gingerbread Resources for the Classroom

This time of year always makes me think of gingerbread!  I love the smell of it, and more importantly, the stories that have come from a simple cookie!  I’ve gathered some of my favorite books, crafts, and other fun ideas.  Check out these gingerbread resources

gingerbread resources

Gingerbread Books

There are many different versions of the original gingerbread man story.  I like reading the various versions to my students and then comparing them. You can find the links to these books below.

Gingerbread Books

One of my favorite things to do with the gingerbread man stories is compare and contrast the characters and settings. You can read about the sequencing journal we do here.

gingerbread man retell journal

Gingerbread Math Centers

Our math tubs will be filled with these gingerbread math activities.  They provide a spiral review of many skills that we have been working on, and they are fun!

These math centers all come from our Gingerbread Math Center pack. You can read more about them in detail here.

gingerbread math centers

Gingerbread Ornaments

One of my favorite things to make with my class is cinnamon gingerbread man ornaments. These ornaments will make your room smell AMAZING!  It’s an easy project, you need a lot of cinnamon. Cassie over at Wholefully has a great tutorial to follow.

cinnamon ornaments

I have also started a Pinterest board with ideas. Some pins are from gingerbread parties, but you can use some of the ideas in a classroom!

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