The Power of Dice!

Dice, dice baby!  Do you have a little Vanilla ice stuck in your head now?  Today I am here to share the power of dice.  Did you know that dice have super powers?  They do!  They can take a simple activity, and add an extra element of fun with just one roll.

Basic Dice Must-Haves

My favorite everyday dice that I use in my stations are these from Amazon.  They are foam, so you don’t hear them rolling.  Bonus points!

foam dice

You may be wondering if I bought the whole bucket of 200 dice.  Yes I do!  I use them a lot and I like to be sure that I always have some for multiple activities.

Another fun dice resource are these soft pocket cubes.  You can put whatever you like in each pocket.  My kids like to do an activity called roll, graph and do.  Read more about it roll, graph and do here.


These picture cubes can be programmed with words, questions, brain breaks and many other things.  The possibilities are endless!

Math Games

Math games are such an easy way to incorporate dice.  I recently made a pack of games that are great for partners to practice their addition and subtractions skills.

This pack has eleven games with multiple ability levels.  You can change the difficulty by changing the number of dice.

math games preview

When I copied mine, I color coded them.  So for example, all of the games that require one dice are copied onto yellow, two dice are pink and three dice are green.  This enables me to quickly pull the ones that I want.  I have also trained my students to look at the picture on each game to see how many dice they will need to lay each game.  My students are having a lot of fun with them!

These math games can be found at The Teacher Bag Store or TPT.

dice math games addition and subtraction

fun math games that all you need to do is add dice.

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