End of the Year Countdown

I am down to the single digits!  Do you know what that means?  It means it’s time for an end of the year countdown.  The balloon countdown is nothing new, but I love it.  It’s fun, suspenseful and the kids love it.

Balloon Countdown

If you are not aware of the balloon countdown, here is what I do do.  First, I print out 10 fun things onto a pice of paper.  Next, I cut apart the strips and place each one in a different balloon.  Then, I blow up the balloons and hang them all up.  Finally, I write the number countdown on the balloons.  Each morning we pop a balloon and do what the paper says.


Here are some ideas of activities to put into each ballon.

  1. Write with pens for the day
  2. Sit where you want for the day
  3. Popsicle party
  4. Game Day- bring in board games to play
  5. Creation Day- use up paper scraps to create what you want
  6. Sidewalk chalk play
  7. Movie
  8. Extra Recess
  9. Bubble Play
  10. Make Paper Airplanes
  11. Dance Party (Go Noodle)
  12. Read Outside
  13. Special Treat
  14. Minute to Win It Games
  15. Free Draw (Art Hub Video)

My students love this!  The curiosity they have when they first walk into the classroom and see the balloons is priceless.  Do you do an end of the year countdown?  What activities do you do for dun?

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