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I don’t know about you, but I always have kids who speed through and activity.  So I always try to have choices for them that are meaningful.  One activity is my Find, Tally and Graph folder.  Many of my students grab this because they love to make practice sheets for each other.  I thought I would walk you through how I have mine set up.

I put the graphs that I am not using in math tubs or ones that we have already finished into a binder.

IMG 1717
When they open it, they find a pocket with dry erase markers and erasers.
IMG 1722
I like to include dry erase markers so they can mark off the pictures they have counted.
IMG 1713
I place the counting sheets in a plastic sleeve.  When they turn the page, they will find the practice sheets in plastic sleeves for that particular graph.
IMG 1720
Here is how they use the practice sheets.  Since these are early finisher activities, they can choose the pages to do.  When they are in a math tub, they need to complete the one I choose.
IMG 1714
Find and Graph it

IMG 1715
Find and Tally it, along with addition and subtraction practice
This one is by far their favorite.  They have to do a graph or tally sheet first in order to do this activity, but they love to do these make their own math problems paper.  After they make it, they trade with a friend and have their friend complete their paper.  They feel like they are a teacher.  It is so cute!
IMG 1716
Since the make your own math problems pages are the same for all of the graphing sets,  I keep them in a pocket in the back of the binder.
IMG 1721
The kids love these and I have just about every topic.  You can find my Find, Tally and Graph activities here.  If there is a specific topic that you are looking for and do not see it, let me know.  I can try and make one.


  1. I love the idea of the dry erase marker in the binder! My class uses your Find, Tally, and Graph activities every Tuesday. We call it "Time to Tally Tuesday". The kids LOVE it. I know they would really love to be able to do them more often. I am totally doin' this!!! Thanks for sharing!

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