Daily 5 Check-in

Happy Monday!  I have thoroughly enjoyed having a long weekend, but I am afraid that today is my last day.  Oh well.  As I am packing up my classroom, I am finding many things to purge which feels great!  I have also taken the time to reflect what has been working for me with Daily 5.   I thought I would share what has worked for me.
This is the first year our grade level has implemented it and I love it.


First off, I am loving daily bookmarks.  I know they kids should choose where and when they go to a station, but I like to have a little control.  Each morning I randomly place a bookmark into their book boxes.  I am able to strategically separate some kids or make sure my RTI kids go to specific activities. My RTI kids are pulled for 30 minutes each day, so they usually miss one of the rotations.

You can read more about the bookmarks here and get your free copy of the bookmarks below.


The next thing I am loving are the ice cube tray book boxes (notice my packed boxes.  I am stacking boxes in every nook and cranny).  These have been so sturdy and durable.  I have not had a single one break.  I bought these at Wal-Mart, I think they were $1.80 each…so worth it. The kids keep their books, word cards, fluency cards, and anything else they may need inside of them.

The last thing that have been a big hit with my kids are their sight word cards that are kept in their book boxes.  I know, crazy that kids would be so excite about sight words (or we call them popcorn words).


What are these all about?  I have taken the Dolch words and separated them into groups of 20.  They each started on the first 20, which is a yellow card.  Once they were able to read their yellow card fluently, they received the next colored card.  During buddy reading, they are so cute with their cards.  The kids who are farther along help the others try and learn the words.  We talked a lot about how it doesn’t matter what color card they are on, they are motivated to help each other.  Once they receive a new card, they also get a piece of popcorn to put on their popcorn tub.


I usually test them on their words once a week.  The kids get so excited when they see me pull out the popcorn word assessment tub.  They have also tested really well on their sight words!


If you are interested in the sight word assessment kit, you can find in on my website or my TPT store.


Do you do Daily 5 or a version of it?  What works for you?  I would love to hear some other successes.


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