Do you Audioboom?

Do you use the app Audioboom?  If you don’t, you should start….now!  Okay, let me start off by saying that I am not getting any kickbacks for this.  It’s just really cool and I wanted to share what I have done with it.

Audioboom is a free app that you can record audio with.  I think many people use it to create podcasts with.  The free versions allows you to record unlimited recordings for up to 10 minutes each.  First you need to download the app onto an iPad or phone.

Once you set up an account, you are ready to record.  So here is what I did, I found some picture books that my students love, but are too hard for most of them to read on their own.  They can’t be too long because you do have a ten minute limit.   When you open the app, you hit the red circle buttons in top right hand corner and this screen pops up.


You hit record and start reading the book.  Hit pause when you are done and then at the top right a publish button appears.  Hit that (it will ask you to select a category) and then it is published.  Now I had a hard time finding my recordings on the app, so I went to the web version, logged in and they were all there under posts.  The great thing is when you tap on your recording it opens in a new page. Scroll down a bit and there is a button to create a QR code.  I created a QR code for each recording and downloaded it, printed them out and taped them to the front of the books that I read from.


So this week, I’m planning to have my students listen to reading this way.  My grade level partners are going to do the same thing with different books and we will just share QR codes.  We thought we could get our principal and some other teachers to “read” books as well.  It will be fun for the students to guess who is reading them.


Have you used Audioboom before?  If so, how do you use it?


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