After the Fall {A Book Talk}

We all know that Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, but what happens to Humpty Dumpty after the Fall? The book, After the Fall by Dan Santat has a great theory.

After the Fall
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After the Fall

In the book After the Fall, Humpty Dumpty shares how he is physically mended from his great fall, but mentally he is not the same. He is afraid of heights.

Humpty Dumpty used to love to sit on the wall and watch the birds. But since the fall, he doesn’t climb the wall so he settles for doing other things. One day he comes up with the idea of making his own bird out of paper. It’s not the same, but it works until…

I don’t want to spoil the book, but in short Humpty Dumpty learns to overcome his fear of heights. There is also a surprise event that happens at the end of the story.


This story is a class favorite. My students laugh and giggle throughout the story. It’s a great book to use if you are wanting to teach about how illustrations can help you infer in a story.

After reading this story, we look at how Humpty Dumpty has changed through the story. This story is a great way to reinforce perseverance and mindset.

Here is an anchor chart we will use to help share how Humpty Dumpty changes throughout the story.


Definitely check this book out if you haven’t already done so! 

If you are interested in learning more about Interactive Read Alouds, check out this blogpost.

 You can find the Interactive Read Aloud Kit for After the Fall below.


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