Candy Cane Kindness


Welcome back to the 12 Days of Giving!  I hope you are enjoying these 12 days of freebies.  We are halfway through.  Have you noticed a theme?  Well, I am sticking with that same theme today.

Candy Cane Kindness Tags

We have a kindness project we are working on this whole school year.  This month, we are working through 12 days of kindness in my class.  Jodi Southard has a great freebie called the gift of kindness, check it out!  One of our gifts of kindness is distributing candy canes to adults around our school.

I made these little Rack’d (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) cards to attach to our candy canes.  My students will have fun with this!  I made it backline as well if you want to save on colored ink.

candy cane kindness tag

Grab your Rack’d freebie below.


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