Word Building Kits

Do you have your students build words? It is part of my guided reading routine and my students love it! It really shows me what my students know and what they need more practice with. My problem has always been trying to figure out what letters the students need in order to make the words I wanted them to make. So I created a tool to help me with this.

Word Building Kits

I wanted something that I could look at while I was teaching my reading groups that would tell me what letters they needed, and the words they would be making. This is what I came up with.

word building kits

This binder holds all of the levels A-J word-building activities. Each level has a one-page guide with ten word-making activities. I usually have my students make words every day.

For each level, I made the word sets onto strips and put them on a binder ring.  This is what I keep at my reading table. It’s easy to store and I just flip to the set that I need for the group that I am working with.

word building kit words on a ring

We are fortunate at our school because we have a lot of parent helpers. I wanted to have some of them practice this activity with my students, so I made word-building kits. These magnetic letters could also be used as an RTI tool for students who need extra practice. Each set is put into a manilla envelope, along with the word-building directions. Parents have the student cut apart the letters, build the words, and record their work on the paper.

word building envelopes
word building recording sheet

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I use magnetic letters with my students to build words. We purchased this magnetic letter set from Lakeshore.  We love them! If you are not able to get your hands on magnetic letters, I have included letters that you can laminate and cut out or the paper ones for the word-building kits.

word building letters

If you are interested in the word building kit, check it out here.

Word Building Kits

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