Summer Reads for Teachers 2020 Edition

Summer is fast approaching for us. It may already be here for you! It’s time to gather books to read over the summer. Since this is a unique summer with COVID, we don’t have big travel plans. I may have time to read more than I usually get through. I have broken down what I am planning to read over the summer into two categories; just for fun and professional learning.

summer reads 2020

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Just For Fun Reads

The first summer read on my agenda is The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. My son and I have really enjoyed the Hunger Game series, so we are both going to read this one.


Another just for fun book I am excited to read is Summer Longing by Jamie Brenner. The title and cover having me longing for a beach getaway, which may not happen this summer. This book was recommended by a friend and it has great online line reviews. Have you read it?


Professional Development Reads

In addition to pleasure reads, I also like to read books that will help me grow professionally. What I love about reading professional book is that I can read them in chunks sporadically throughout the summer. I don’t feel like I need to read them straight through. Sometimes I may just read parts of the book.

First up is Purposeful Play by Mraz, Porcelli and Tyler. Since I moved to kindergarten last year, I have had this book on my wishlist. Play is such an important part of learning and I am excited to read more on this topic.

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The next book on my professional development list is A Fresh Look At Phonics by Wiley Belvins. This is another book with high reviews online and from teachers I follow on social media. I am always looking to brush up on my reading instruction.

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As summer progresses, I may add to this list. Be sure to follow The Teacher Bag on Instagram or Facebook for the latest. What is on your summer read list?

Past Summer Reads

If you are looking for some more ideas, be sure to check out past summer reads.

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