Snowman Scan It Math Freebie

Welcome to the 12 Days of Giving!  If you have been reading my blog you may remember this event from the past two years.  Since I can’t individually thank you for all you do as a teacher, the next best thing we can do is give you freebies! This year’s freebie theme is winter, so be sure to stop by each day to grab your freebie and check out the daily deal.

Snowman Scan It

Today’s freebie is a combination of QR codes, math, and sentence writing. What a combo! This activity is called Scan it, Solve it, and Write it. You can read more about how it works here.

First, students scan a QR code. They will discover there is a word and then a math problem. Students write the word on the recording sheet and solve the math problem. The answer to the math problem will lead students to the next clue. Your students will continue to until all of the QR codes are scanned. When they have finished, they will have a sentence written down. Finally, they will check their sentence to be sure they have written them down correctly.


You can grab your freebie below by filling out the form below.

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