QR Code Scavenger Hunts (Freebie)

My students love QR codes!  Well, really I love QR codes and I use them a lot in my class.  So my students have no choice, but they never complain about them.  Scavenger hunts are always a fun way to use them. Last week I added a new element to our normal math equation QR scavenger hunts…sentence writing!

Scan It!

So first my students had to take their iPad and scan the start card.  Once they did that a word popped up, along with a math equation.

QR code scavenger hunt

Write It!

My students brought their iPads back to the table and write down the word that shows in the screen.

QR code scavenger hunt

Solve It!

After the word is written down, they solved the math equation.  The answer was they clue to the next card to search for.  They found the card with that answer on it and scanned it with the QR reader.  They once again got a new word and math equation.  My students continued this process or writing and scanning until the last card (they knew it was the last card because there were no more math equations, just a word).

Once they completed the scavenger hunt, they had to check their sentence to be sure there were correct capitals and punctuation.  The last step was to illustrate their sentence on the back of the paper.

QR code scavenger hunt

My students absolutely loved this!  It got them up and moving and bonus, they were doing math and writing.  Grab your freebie QR scavenger hunt below.

QR scavenger hunt freebie

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