Number Math Sticks

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on way to practice number representation? Paint sticks are an inexpensive way to do that! I use these in the beginning of first grade when reviewing numbers. This pack includes what you need to make your own number sticks.



Here is what’s included in the number sticks math pack.

  • Numbers 0-20 Toppers
  • Number Words 0-20
  • Tallies 0-20
  • Dice 1-20
  • Ten Frames 0-20
  • Two addition problems for each number 0-20 (except for the number 0, which has just one)
  • Blank cards to make your own after laminating

**paint sticks and velcro are not included- you can get paint sticks free at home improvement stores and velcro can be purchased at craft stores.

*Read more about paint sticks here.

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