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Well, hello!  My name is Kelley Dolling and I to like cause trouble over at Teacher Idea Factory.  I was honored when Renee asked me to pop over to her “home away from home” for a little visit. we Northern California gals have to stick together 😉

On that note, I wanted to bring you something you could run with right away in a primary classroom.  So, I dug up one of my favorite Valentine’s Day freebies to share with all you alls.  I bring you QUEEN OF HEARTS.  (This one has been a classroom favorite for years!)


Queen of Hearts is a Valentine’s Day flavored ditty that helps kids build and compare numbers.  The thing I really like about this game is that it adds just enough “twist” to take manipulating numbers up a notch.  I’m talking higher-level thinking here.  

Let me explain.  Students are placed into pairs and use a deck of cards to build either the largest or smallest number (2 and 3-digit versions .  I know what you are thinking. Been there.  Done that.  Wait!!!  There’s more.  Students get to toss one of their cards down “rabbit hole” or out of play.  Therefore, your babes not only have to think about the number that they are building, but also the number their opponent is beginning to build.  The card they get to drop out of play ALWAYS keeps things interesting and you quickly discover who are the serious gamblers in your classroom (they always wait to dump the last card pulled . . . it’s hysterical).  

IMG 1723
This is a Valentine Week FAVORITE.
The  “Wonderland” connection allows your non-celebrators to play as well 🙂
Score one for the teacher team . . . no extra prep!

Now, if the QUEEN OF HEARTS IS DRAWN, the player immediately forfeits his/her turn (she was so rude to Alice and it only seems fitting that she is punished).  

IMG 1726
This poor babe pulled the queen in back to back games.
He actually slapped his forehead and then burst into laughter.
The other cutie was DELIGHTED!  
IMG 1731
That QUEEN  a very naughty card.
And, just for the record . . . I asked her to stick her tongue out 😛

Math games and activities have absolutely SAVED my long as all get out afternoons this year.  They moved our lunch up to the first slot at the end of October.  Those 20 little minutes after eating were the death of us for about a month.  I quickly wised up and realized that I needed more games in the afternoon.  Not just one game.  LOTS AND LOTS of MATH games.  It’s all about slippin’ in that learning when they don’t notice.  

If you like the feel of this game, grab it HERE.  While you’re at it, be sure to check out my other Valentine’s Day math goods HERE.  They are all CCSS aligned and some are editable.  

Alright, I am out of here.  Thanks so much for letting me chat with you a bit today.  I hope you can use this game with your crew.  I hope to see you again soon over at Teacher Idea Factory 🙂  

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